Dj Mensah Reveals How Sarkodie Was “Spiritually Attacked” In 2012

Dj Mensah has taken to Instagram to reveal some shocking news on how Sarkodie and his whole team were ‘Spiritually attacked’ during a show in Kumasi.

According to DJ Mensah who is an events promoter and entrepreneur who also doubles as the official DJ for Sarkodie, he revealed that on the day, they were prepared and fully charged up for the event; everything was supposed to run smoothly until Sarkodie could not even stand. It took the intervention of some pastors and family members before Sarkodie could climb the stage, which also came with its challenges.

In an Instagram post Dj Mensah wrote, “Throwback to 2012, I had the sickest playlist that could let the crowd go crazy for 2 straight hours with no hype man. Down to 2020, you can still hear some dj’s using the same playlist, mixing to a point the crowd can easily tell what track is coming after (no shade). Ohh ignore the shouting at the background, that was my back up, hype man. @angeltownbaby

Some people didn’t want the show to go on, it was more spiritual than physical, got on stage as usual, and when news came out that Sarkodie had totally broken down and couldn’t even stand. But before he came out, I was totally charged and in charge. Took the intervention of his family and some pastors to pray via phone to get him up on stage. Halfway during the show, my laptop shut down and it took more than 20 mins to come back on. ( if you are Mac user, you will understand this is not normal). Just when it came on, speakers went off for a while. As if that wasn’t enough, all the stage lights went off leaving just one led light. That didn’t stop us. We serve a living God, despite all the challenges, we still gave our best.

People keep asking for more all the time without even knowing some challenges we face.

Sometimes the stories must be told so y’all remember us in prayers. This is the life we chose, we are your faithful servants and our job is solely to keep you entertained, no matter the situation.

Ohh and whoever was behind this attack was revealed to us by a pastor, No it wasn’t an artiste, it wasn’t Obinim nor Nigel Gaisie. All I will say is that, whoever did that got nerves (Kennedy Agyapong voice ).”

Check out the video below:

Source: Kuulpeeps

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