Throwback: 6 Very Weird Things We All Did With This Eraser

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We all did some weird things as kids and it’s funny how we all look back now and realize that we all did the same things as kids!

Remember this eraser?

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If you don’t, just stop reading because you probably aren’t Ghanaian.

Erasers are used for cleaning mistakes you made while pressing your pencils in your exercise books, trying to figure out what 5+3 was but this is what almost every young Ghanaian has done with these erasers!


Don’t say eww but some of us liked to eat it and….

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One thing we know everyone did was colour the policeman drawn on it. If we got a pen, that was even better. We’d colour in the traffic lights and even the whole eraser with a pencil or pen! 

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Punching holes

Using a pen or pencil to turn the eraser into a dirty dotted one. What level of crazy made us punch dots into the poor eraser?

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Flexing when it’s new 

A new eraser was a huge flex. When it’s new, you never want to share it lol you’d carefully rub your mistakes with the rubber still around it and you’d immediately put it back in your pencil case!

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Sniffing it because, that new smell!!

The new eraser smell was like crack!! Once you get a new one, you’d definitely spend time sniffing it every few seconds because it smelled so good!

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Cutting it with a ruler 

Remember when you’re going to write exams or a test and your friend can’t find their eraser? We’d cut it up with an eraser as if it wasn’t small enough already lol  

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Ugh to be a kid with no worries right???

Good times!


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