Stephanie Benson Buys A Car For Her Daughter For Saving Their Lives

Stephanie Benson

Days ago, Stephanie Benson told us how one of her daughters saved the entire family’s life.

While they were sleeping at dawn, their tree caught fire.

It was Dominique, her daughter who first saw the fire and drew the attention of the entire family.

Dominique’s sighting of the fire in time helped them call the fire brigade who were able to put out the fire before the burning tree had the chance to fall on the house and catch the entire house on fire.

To show their appreaciation, Stephannie and her husband John purhcased a vehicle for Dominique.

“She will never let the family hear the end of this. I had to buy her a car,” Stephanie Benson tweeted.

Car looked like Mazda MX 5 Miata.


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