Popular Black Animated Characters That Were Voiced By White Actors

Popular black characters from The Simspsons, Bob's Burgers and Family Guy

In animations, it’s easy to assume a black character is being voiced by a black actor and, if not for the recent events where white actors are coming out to announce that they are stepping away from certain roles to give way for better representation, we would have never known there was a white face behind some of our favourite black characters.

These are some popular black characters you’ve watched in an animated show who are actually voiced by white people.

Cleveland (Family Guy/The Cleveland Show)

Mike Henry has been the voice of Cleveland Brown on Family Guy and The Cleveland Show for over 20 years however, he announced he was saying goodbye to the role just recently

Missy – Big Mouth

Jenny Slate voiced the character of Missy in Netflix’s Big Mouth. In the show, Missy has a white mother and a black father. Jenny Slate recently announced that she will no longer be playing the role of Missy as she felt she was “engaging in an act of erasure of Black peopleā€ 

Marshmallow – Bob’s Burgers

The black transgender character in Bob’s Burgers known as Marshmellow is played by David Herman, a cis-gendered white male. The show’s creators apologised and announced that David Herman will no longer be playing the role of Marshmallow. A much more fitting actor will be recast for Marshmellow’s role.

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