All The Times Kanye Sampled African Music On His Song

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Kanye West is undoubtedly the King of sampling.

He’s known and respected for perfecting sampling and interpolation and in as much as we will like to give you an indepth meaning of what sampling really means, we are just here to proudly look at all the times Kanye West sampled African Music.

Ye isn’t picky when it comes to sampling obviously. He’d sample an 80s soul music to give us an amazing hip-hop record or sample a choir’s singing to give us the perfect gospel album.

Whatever he does, its amazing and these are the times Kanye’s been influenced by African music.


Sampled: Black Savage – Kothbiro

This song from Kanye West’s Ye album released in 2018 sampled the Kenyan group, Black Savage’s Kothbiro which was released in 1976.

Kanye West’s Yikes

The sample on Yikes starts at 0:22 and goes on throughout the song and the part sampled from the Black Savage track starts at 0:53. Pay close attention… the singers’ voices sound shortened on Yikes.

Black Savage’s Kothbiro

Clique ft Big Sean and Jay-Z

Sampled: An African chant

The song off Kanye’s Cruel Summer album in 2012 sampled an African chant. The sample appears at 0:12 and continues throughout. Unfortunately, there isn’t an audio/video as it’s not necessarily a song but, the “eh!” sound that’s heard throughout the beat is African. Credit is given to Zero-G’s Voices of Africa pack which provides you with voices & chants from across the African continent.

Kanye West Clique

That’s my B*tch (Kanye And Jay-Z)

Sampled: Assagai – Telephone Girl

The song from the legendary Watch The Throne project by Kanye and Jay-Z sampled an Afro-rock band, Assagai’s Telephone Girl.

The group has been described as “the second best-known African group of the late 60s/early 70s in Britain” after Osibisa and the members were from South Africa (three of them) and Nigeria (two of them).

The sample in the Kanye song which can be found on major streaming platforms samples the Assagai song throughout.

Assagai’s telephone Girl

Lost In The World

Sampled: Manu Dibango – Soul Makossa

From his perfectly done My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album, this song has several samples which include Cameroonian musician, Manu Dibango’s Soul Makossa.

Kanye Lost In The World

The sample which appears at 2:05 in Kanye’s Lost In The World was taken from 0:08 in Manu Dibango’s Soul Makossa. It’s the famous “Mamasey mamasa mamakumsa” which has been sampled in several songs by many popular artists.

Soul Makossa

Watch Sample Chief’s video putting the samples side by side here:

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