This Is Why All Of GH Was Drooling Over Congolese Men And Women


If you woke up to see the Congolese flag everywhere on Twitter, calm down. You are not lost.

Ghanaians yesterday did not hide their thirst after the Congolese decided to share photos of themselves during their Independence Day celebration.

Y’all know Ghanaian men like nice things so the second the nice photos started dropping, they all migrated to Congolese Twitter and…who can blame them?

Africans are beautiful and we had a fine time celebrating with the Congolese because herh those people were made special!

Just look!

Everyone could not hold themselves back because why??? why are these humans so fine?????

Men and women alike were smitten because we love to appreciate beauty!

Turns out the beauty is not just with the women!

The men!!!!

The whole world is definitely captivated and maybe, after borders get open and things start going back to normal…linkop in Congo???


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