This Is How People Feel About Will Smith And Jada’s Alleged Open Marriage

Will Smith And Jada Pinkett Smith image via YouTube

We love a good story that gets social media alive and this morning we’ve got one!

Jada and Will Smith.

The two have been GOALS for so long everyone is currently in a temporal state of shock after an interview of August Alsina popped up, revealing that he was dating Jada Smith and Will knew about and blessed it.

People all over the world are lapping this news up because this basically means Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith could be in an open marriage. It’s really not news that the two might be in an open relationship because there have been rumours without any of them explicitly stating “nope, we aren’t in an open marriage”.

The reactions all over the world right now on Twitter are diverse of course and yes, most of that have turned into jokes. Some are impressed, some are disgusted, some are making fun of Will and others just want to know who Will Smith might be in a relationship with too!

These are the different sets of people reacting to the news right now!

  1. Those who are just shocked because they’ve been the holy grail of a perfect marriage for so long!

2. Those who are just enjoying the whole scandal because who doesn’t like hot tea??? Lol

3. Those who understand the situation and think everyone else is just overreacting

4. The comedians who couldn’t wait to troll Will Smith, Jada and their family

5. Those wondering if Jada Pinkett has something special cos all the men who come in her life seem to be so hooked!

6. Those who need answers and want her to address things

7. Those who want to know who Will Smith is dating then since they seem to be in an open relationship

8. The Investigators

This is just a side note lol:

9. Those who cannot imagine being in any kind of open marriage


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