People Share What They Think This Loop Behind Shirts Is Used For

image via Twitter//@1Daavi

Sometimes we start to notice the most random things that have been on our clothes forever and we usually don’t know what their purpose is. Usually, we just conclude it’s just for aesthetics and leave it at that but, you’d be surprised that it just might have a specific use!

On Twitter, we noticed something interesting.

Someone was asking what that loop usually found behind shirts was for and…

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If you don’t know what it is… this is it

Ever Wonder Why There's a Loop on the Back of Your Button-Down ...
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@1Daavi asked this question on Twitter and the responses were interesting.

For holding swords

just in case you need to take part in a duel on your way to work or something

image via @imrae_yrad

To drag your man away when he’s somewhere you know he shouldn’t be

meme via @Jennifraire

And if you aren’t strong enough, some suggest hooking a leash to that loop

Perfect for keeping the love of your life by your side

They all sound very very practical right? Lol but before you use them for anything at all, just know that this is the main use:

hanging it up when you don’t have a hanger so it doesnt get wrinkled

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