10 Of The Strongest SHS Alliances In Ghana

We are always fighting about which SHS in Ghana is the best when it comes to education or which one is better in sports or in other aspects in general. We are almost always fighting about it and whether you finished SHS last year or 25-30 years ago, anytime this argument comes up, you will defend your school with your chest.

Today, we are telling y’all to calm down and relax. We want to sort of come together and so we compiled this list of Senior High Schools in Ghana that have some of the strongest alliances we’ve seen.

They do well to organize events together and try to stay in touch with each other. Even at the tertiary level, there are meetings held for some of these alliances and it’s actually a beautiful thing to see because people are able to network and make new friends who will be able to help them out in the future.

Tap on the video to get to know which schools made it to our list. Leave a comment about the alliance you represent under the video as well.

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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