Stunning Pictures Of Jackie Appiah In All The Colours Of The Rainbow

Jackie Appiah in red, yellow and green outfits.

First things first, do you remember the colours of the rainbow? Are you sure?

For those who didn’t concentrate in class when we were being taught about colours and the colour wheel, here are the colours of the rainbow in order. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

With that being said, while compiling these pictures, we realised that Jackie Appiah is one of the most modest celebrities we have here in Ghana. Most of her clothes cover her whole body. If she decides to show skin, then it would be her legs since she loves to explore with mini skirts a lot.

Here are 7 stunning pictures of her.

1. Red

Jackie is like those rich aunties that really don’t do too much. Subtle makeup, good hair, nice shada and the perfect mules because why not? They don’t do too much but you just know instinctively that all the money dey their side.

Jackie Appiah in a red outfit. Source: @jackieappiah on IG

2. Orange

This orange Tutu skirt gives us ballerina vibes. Even though she’s sitting, it’s obvious she looks nice. One more thing, we really want to raid her sneaker collection cuz wow! Just look at the Chanel sneakers on her feet!

Jackie Appiah in an orange outfit. Source: @jackieappiah on IG

3. Yellow

The colour of sunrise is guaranteed to make you look bright and cheerful even if you don’t feel it. We love this dress because you can’t tell where she’s going with it. Is she going to hang out with friends? Is she having a meeting? Is she just stepping out for shege reasons? Is she going to the beach? Is she going out for lunch? We will never know.

Jackie Appiah in a yellow outfit. Source: @jackieappiah on IG

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