Off White Creator Virgil Abloh Apologises After His GHS 288 Donation Backlash

Virgil Abloh, is the director of Louis Vuitton’s Men’s Wear and also the founder of streetwear brand Off-White [image: Vogue]

The recent Black Lives Matter protests that started after the death of George Floyd at the knee of white police officers is also serving as a learning moment for black people too.

Off White creator and Head of Creative Direction at Louis Vuitton Virgil Abloh has publicly apologized after he was taken to the cleaners for his GHS 288 ($50) donation to support organizations supporting the protestors.

Obviously, he is rich and many thought he had more to spare than the $50 donation he made.

Since the back lash, the designer has come out to apologize and explained why that happened.

According to Virgil, he was matching the donation of friends who had started a chain matching donation in Miami to support those protests.

He also mentioned that has has already donated GHS 118,387 ($20,500) to bail funds and other causes related to the black lives matter movement.

In a long worded post on Instagram, Virgil acknowledged his mistake and also highlighted how he felt insecure when dealing with the police as a black man.

He also joined the Black Out Tuesday social media protest.

Virgil is the son of Ghanaians who migrated to the United States.


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