Eugenia Baffour Bankoh: On The Frontline Of The Fight Against Rape

Eugenia Baffour Bankoh

This week, most Ghanaians have stood in solidarity with our friends in Nigeria who have been calling for justice for Uwa Omozuwa an amazing, intelligent young woman who through no fault of hers is now labeled as a rape victim.

She paid the dearest price when she was murdered by the same vile people who raped her.

Today, it has emerged that another Nigerian lady, Barakat Bello was also raped and murdered by her attackers.

This reality is not a Nigerian problem – it is a human problem and Ghana has unfortunately had its fair share of this.

Just as voices have spoken up in Nigeria about this, in Ghana, we have similar voices who have made it their business to speak up always even before such incidents occur.

We have many women and men who do this, however, today we have chosen to highlight the work of Eugenia Baffour Bankoh.

She has amplified the vioces of sexual abuse victims and campaigned to secure justice for them.

An alumnus of the University of Ghana, she studied Bachelor of Arts (BA) majoring in Counseling Psychology, she founded the Safe Space Foundation in 2017 to work on the prevention of sexual & gender-based violence.

An anti-sexual nonprofit organization battling sexual violence by empowering, educating and seeking justice for sexually assaulted survivors.

“It is important that victims, survivors, allies and men use their voice fight this,” Eugenia told in an interview.

It is time we stop protecting rapists and rape apologists –

Eugenia Baffour Bankoh

“It also important that we fight for justice and find survivors the help they need to deal with the trauma,” she added.

Commenting about the fight against rape currently ongoing in Nigeria, Eugenia said “I love that more people are coming up and breaking their silence.”

Eugenia Baffour Bankoh

Since 2017, Eugenia’s Safe Space Foundation has led the effort to educate, empower, counsel and protect women and children. They organized and facilitated the first sexual violence conference in Ghana.

They also hold monthly self-defense classes for victims of sexual violence and provide free therapy sessions for survivors of sexual assault.


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