5 Types Of People Affected By The Nose Mask Lifestyle

Image of a lady in matching scarf and nose mask. Source: @abadoraa on Instagram

Nose masks are necessary for the prevention of COVID-19 and we are all for it despite the fact that it is very very uncomfortable for most of us and some of them are hard to breathe in.

Most of us are still having a hard time adjusting to it and we sometimes forget to wear them when we’re going out.

This affects all of us but there are some groups of people who this affects even more. Here are 5 of them:

1. Those who like lip gloss

Lip gloss is just the right amount of makeup to put on for your no makeup look. It softens the lips and prevents cracks in harmattan. The introduction of the nose mask has ruined the effects of lip glosses because number one, nobody can really see your lips and secondly, the mask just smudges everything. We won’t talk much. Check out these tweets from ladies complaining about the gloss and nose mask issue.

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