5 Things Your Partner Shouldn’t Ask You To Do

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Sometimes we are so drunk in love that we do things that aren’t okay but we just go along with it because we are so in love and so blinded.

Every relationship is supposed to be a partnership; it doesn’t have to be a one-sided thing where one person has to give up everything just to keep being in the relationship.

If you’re currently struggling to identify boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed just because you’re in a relationship, here are 5 of them.

1. Keep forgiving toxic behaviours

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We get it. We are all human and we will slip sometimes. The problem is when your partner keeps asking you to forgive and forget certain acts which you hate. It’s toxic for you and you cannot keep up with it but they act as if it is nothing and ask you to brush it away.

It is not wrong to want better. It is not wrong to ask your partner to stop doing something you’re really uncomfortable with especially when their reactions are very worrisome. If you let them know and they say things like “just forget it already” or “you made me do this”, then it is an issue. They shouldn’t deflect blame and be making numerous excuses for their actions.

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