Tips On What Not To Wear For Your First Date – Male Edition

After chasing her for months, you’ve finally scored a date with her and you feel amazing about the win. Only problem is, it’s almost time and you’re stuck. You don’t know what to wear.

It’s somewhat easier for a guy to figure out something to wear in like 30 minutes as compared to a woman but still. Guys will wear certain things because they’re in a rush and will eventually score 0 when it comes to first impressions.

Here are some tips for your first date.

1. No boring suit and tie

Image of a guy in a red jacket, a black shirt and pants. Source:

I mean it depends on the location of the date but suit and tie makes you look like you are boring and can feel stuffy. A date is supposed to be leisurely and carefree as you get to know each other. Wearing a suit and tie makes you look too serious and can be a put off for some ladies. If the date is during the week too, it might seem as if you didn’t put any effort into your looks. You just moved from the office straight to the date which isn’t really a good first impression.

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