6 Types Of Ghanaians When It Rains


It’s the rainy season which means there are going to be lots of days where the weather is going to take a break from scorching our backs with the sun to cool things up a bit.

Now whenever there’s rain or there’s the threat of rain, these are the different types of people we have noticed.

Horny gnashers

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These people are the ones who can’t wait for the weather to change so they update their social media status with “Weather for two”, “Cuddle weather” or “Weather for four legs”. They are the ones most likely to tease on social media laughing at people who are alone in the cold.

Half the time, they are definitely gnashers with no one to even text.

No talk, just action

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These ones don’t waste any time at all. Quiet operators. The minute there’s a slight change in the weather, they immediately text a particular someone or ‘someone’s’ and by the time the first drop of rain falls, they are already cuddled up in bed with their “weather buddy”. This applies to couples living together who just cosy up, when the weather changes and laugh at their single friends.

The thoughtful few

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These are the people who do nothing but worry when it rains. They worry about the homeless and people who sell in the streets and hope they are going to be okay. Bless their hearts because it really is a concern since most of the time, heavy rains result in floods in most areas in Ghana.

Plans? what plans?

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These ones want the skies to darken just a little bit just so they’d cancel all their plans. Work? “No thanks”. Hangout? “Ei it looks like rain at my end ooo”. They are always the ones who get angry when the sun comes out a few seconds later with no rain and they are usually introverts who were looking for an excuse to not step out of their hones.

Chillaxers (relaxing + chilling)

Dub on Twitter: "This me 35 seconds after I cancel plans… "

These people think any change in weather means sit back in bed and just chill. It doesn’t matter if they just woke up. Once the weather changes, it’s time to wrap their blankets tighter and just sleep or watch movies till they fall asleep. Rain equals holiday.

Rain Foodies

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They are the ones who crave certain meals the second it looks like rain. All of a sudden, they want some hot waakye or some hot kenkey to just make them feel alright while the rain pours down heavily outside.

Which one are you?

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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