4 Ways To Get Your Girlfriend To Break Up With You

Guys, we get it. Sometimes girls really don’t read the room even when it’s very obvious. You’ve tried everything in you to break up with her but she still doesn’t want to let go or even acknowledge the fact that you want the relationship to end.

Don’t worry. We’ve gotchu. Here are some foolproof ways you can end the relationship or even get her to end it for you.

1. Start being extremely traditional

CAPTION: Catherine is all smiles as she serves food to her first-born child Innocent and her husband David. In Uganda, it is traditional for women to kneel down when serving their menfolk. LOCATION: Apapai Parish, Otuboi Sub-county, Kalaki County, Kaberamaido District, Uganda. INDIVIDUAL(S) PHOTOGRAPHED: From left to right: Catherine Anaso, Innocent Jacob Okot and David Alele.

Most women hate it when guys act like they have to do everything like cook, wash dishes, wash clothes and you insisting on some very Patriarchal stuff. Once you start doing this on a regular, there’s a good chance she’ll break it off with you because ain’t nobody has time for that!

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