The Craziest #DontLeaveMeChallenge Videos From The Creator, Josh2Funny

Josh2Funny image via Instagram//@Josh2Funny

The #DontLeaveMe challenge is global now. Everyone is doing it. 

It’s viral on TikTok and has over a billion views with people all over the world taking part in it in all languages.

Unfortunately, credit wasn’t being given to him but thank God for Buzzfeed and CNN and Nigerians, in general, making it a point to state who the creator is on any foreign post of the challenge, Josh2Funny is finally getting the recognition as the creator of the challenge.

The whole challenge, if you do not know it yet, is basically a wordplay challenge where people play around with a word but, everyone will agree that the real fun is in the way participants run or walk away while a hypeman shouts “Don’t leave me!”

If we are laughing at others’ versions, why not look at what the creator himself is capable of in his own challenge?

Let’s look at the first video where he played on the words “leaf” and “leave”. The video that kick-started the #Don’tLeaveMeChallenge!

As the creator of the challenge, it really is no shock that he is the best when it comes to it too! Check out his wordplay on some celeb names!

Proof of his creativity? He made different versions of the challenge over a beat!!!

If this beat version is going to kick start a 2.0 version of the Don’tLeaveMeChallenge, we are here for it!!

He’s been teasing of a Don’t Leave Me song set to drop on 3rd July and if you are impressed, we cannot imagine what he’s about to drop!

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