Ladies, Here Are 5 Hairstyles That Can Cause Hair Breakage Overtime

Image of a lady in yarn braids. Source: @foxandthefro on IG
Image of a lady in yarn braids. Source: @foxandthefro on IG

As ladies, we love to look splendid and stylish each time. Especially when we adorn our head with a beautiful hairstyle. We don’t want to be caught looking un-fresh, no! Not at all. Even if it’s just styling and packing our hair. Some would say a woman’s outer beauty lies in her hair.

However, the kinds of hairstyles we do often times put us at risk of having front hair loss and weakened hairline or breakage. Some of these hairstyles we plait appear to be more damaging than others because they put a lot of pressure on the hair follicles (caused by heat, chemicals, and tight hairstyles) which gradually leads to damage and hair loss.

This results in a condition known as traction alopecia (permanent hair loss) if care is not taken. This article is not to scare you but to keep you aware of how constantly braiding your hair can lead to quick hair loss

Check out some of the hairstyles below

1. Twists

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2. Braids

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3. Ghana weaves

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4. Crochet hairstyles or faux locs

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5. Dreadlocks

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