Here’s Why DBlack Calls Himself A “Complicated Mix”

D BLACK. Photo credit: D Black/Instagram

In Ghana, ethnicity is such a big deal.

Sometimes, we love to lie to ourselves that we’ve gone past believing in ethnic stereotypes and judging people just by the ethnic group they belong to.

Even in politics, it is a big deal.

Events from the past week have once again highlighted the ethnic divide that plays covert roles in politics.

However, as many Ghanaians, most of us can trace our roots to more than one ethnic group, thanks to inter ethnic marriages.

In an Ask Me Anything session on Instagram, Ghanaian musician Desmond Blackmore, also known as, DBlack used the opportunity to address his own multi-ethnic background.

A fan asked him about his ethnicity and he unloaded his entire ethnic background.

He revealed that his mother is partly Ga and also from Juaben in the Ashanti Region.

His father, he said is partly British and Ghanaian who comes from Akuapem.

Screenshot of DBblack’s Instagram stories

Indeed, a complicated mix. Ideally this shouldn’t even matter but sadly, ethnicity plays a huge role in our day to day lives. Maybe it’s time we adopt the anti-racism campaigns we happily tweet about to solve our own homegrown problems.


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