5 Times E.L Gave Us The Perfect Wedding Songs

Image via Fefeefe music video//Youtube

E.L’s diversity when it comes to music cannot be underplayed at all.

He is a badass rapper, he sings the sweetest songs; give him any genre of music and we are pretty sure he’d kill it.

Weddings are a huge deal in Ghana and everyone knows there’s always some type of song that is always played during the ceremony. It’s almost usually a highlife tune that the couple can dance to before the real dettying yourself songs come.

E.L’s got the perfect songs for that moment and these are our top 4. You’ve probably heard them at a wedding already and maybe you even want to dance to these on your wedding day too but, these songs are the songs we can bet on our salaries that you need on your wedding playlist!

Mi Na Bo Po

What’s better than a song where the couple can point to each other and say they can never find anyone else to fall in love with but themselves?!

Auntie Martha

Address the haters at your wedding and throw your love in their face on your wedding day with this song.


This is a very religious song so your pastor will definitely allow you to play this at church lol. Every relationship definitely goes through some ups and down and this praise song works for a couple’s first dance.


The fact that the video is from a real wedding means this song is exactly what you need!!!!


Start working on your wedding playlists now!

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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