5 Skills Every Ghanaian Needs To Survive In A Trotro

Say what you want about Troskis but the truth still remains that they’re heaven sent as they’re more affordable than other means of transportation.

We absolutely love the fact that, Trotro drivers will go through all sorts of back roads to avoid traffic. This really helps when you’re late, especially when the car is full but if it’s not, you’ll reeaally be late since they’ll stop at every junction to load more passengers.

If you want to survive the Trotro life, here are some of the skills you need.

1. Ability to endure certain situations

Image source: giphy.com

To be honest, some of the things that happen inside Trotros don’t make any sense.

For example, the radio is playing in the trotro but someone sitting in it will also be playing music loudly or even listening to another radio station from their phone instead of just using an earpiece. Another person can be talking so loudly on the phone the whole journey! And oh! Someone else too will be eating a whole meal like kenkey and fish in the car and can stain your clothes in the process. Someone can be sweating profusely and if you don’t want to sit too close to them for obvious reasons, it will become an issue

So you see? You need to be able to handle yourself properly for situations like these.

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