Amerado Replies Asem Over Copyright Allegations

Amerado Burner and Asem

The management and legal team of Amerado Burner have responded to copyright allegations made against their artiste by Asem.

Asem, in a video, stated he is the creator of a concept that has been copied by Amerado.

Amerado has a project called Yeete Nsem, which covers trending Ghanaian-related topics within each week and is basically a weekly roundup of major news which he delivers through rap.

Asem, who also used to produce similar content, has stated that Amerado has no legal right use “his concept” without seeking permission from him.

He went on to indicate that he will sue Amerado for using “his concept”.

The management and legal team of Amerado have responded to Asem’s claims and allegations.

According to them, concepts, ideas, methods, and procedures are explicitly excluded from all copyrights issues and cannot, therefore, be registered by Asem as alleged.

“Your alleged copyrights, if any, are in your lyrics, content, beat or rhythm none of which has either been used or sampled in the Yeete Nsem series.”

“In any event, the review of news item or event in a rap song is a general concept which neither you nor anyone can claim copyright over,” the statement indicated.

Below is the full statement:

Statement from Amerado’s Management on Asem’s copyright allegations


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