Twitter Supports Kojo Weaporn’s Call To ‘Dispose The Borla Songs’

Kojo Weaporn is a Ghanaian rapper based in Takoradi

Kojo Weaporn, a Takoradi-based rapper, has released a new song titled DBS (Dispose The Borla Songs), which entreats Ghanaians to stop promoting songs which lack good and quality content.

In the song, Weaporn makes his message very clear as he states that Ghanaians keep talking about “putting Ghana on the map” but end up promoting musicians who churn our “borla” songs.

Weaporn also mentions AY Poyoo as one of the musicians who is getting attention for producing songs that lack quality.

He, however, entreated Ghanaians to support rappers like him, who invest their time and put in a lot of work to produce good and quality music.

“Nothing dey work for here oo, gyedyɛ man power,” he rapper tweeted.

Here’s the song:

Kojo Weaporn’s DBS (Dispose The Borla Songs)

Ghanaians on Twitter, however, agree with all that Kojo Weaporn said in his song.

Here are what some of them have been saying:


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