5 Human Body Parts That We No Longer Need

There are a number of body parts that do not serve any purpose in our bodies anymore. Yes, “anymore” because they were once useful to our ancestors but because of evolution, they’re now just there, doing nothing.

They aren’t exactly “useless” as some people like to refer to them, but these vestigial organs help us know our evolutionary background. We wouldn’t know nearly as much about macroevolution as we do now without their presence.

Here are 5 body parts which currently serve no purpose in the body.

1. The Appendix

Image source: onhealth.com

This is one of the commonly known vestigial organs. The Appendix is believed to have helped our ancestors digest plants rich in cellulose. Currently, people aren’t clear of its use. Some people think that it acts as a storehouse for good bacteria. It is however prone to painful inflammation called appendicitis and when this happens, it has to be removed.

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