Veteran Ghanaian Actors Of The 90s And Early 2000s

These actors and actresses held down the Ghanaian Movie industry! The good old days when the movie industry in Ghana was at its peak with the production of really entertaining and educative series and movies.

We miss their presence on our screens and even though most of them are old now (Grace Nortey celebrated her 83rd birthday in February), we know they can still do what needs to be done when asked to act again.

Apparently some movie directors claim the veterans are worn out that’s why they aren’t seen in some of the new movies but we really think they can bring some wisdom and train some of the newer actors in the industry.

From Grace Nortey to Maame Dokono to Fred Amugi to Idikoko to even Edinam Atatsi, here are some of the Ghanaian Veteran actors we would love back on our screens!


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featured image caption: Image of Maame Dokono, Fred Amugi and Grace Nortey


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