Top 10 Benefits Of The Lockdown You Should Know


 Let’s take a flashback to December 2019 when we planned the goals and dreams to be achieved in 2020. Remember how excited you were exactly 11:59 on the eve of the new year when you screamed “happy new year” while calling friends and relatives to wish each other?. It was indeed a feeling to relish!.

January came and ended and it wasn’t so bad for most of us. Soon, we were ushered into the month of February. Lo and behold, we witnessed the first global palindrome day after 909 years; 02-02-2020. We were able to read the date forward and backwards in the same way. We considered ourselves very fortunate because it’s not an event that happens yearly. The last time I checked, the next time this significant event would happen is 03-03-3030. Would we still be alive?. There was also the yearly valentine’s day for lovers.  

Many of us were already living up to our dreams of planning that elaborate or corporate wedding party, the joy of matriculating, or convocation, graduating from a formal school of training, a promotion at work, even attending some of the latest owanbe parties in town in our stylishly attires and our newly bought necklaces and shoes or heels. Not long after, the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) invaded and interrupted some of those plans.

In order to curb the spread of the virus as well as protect us, our government decided to enforce lockdown measures. I mean total lockdown! .  Schools, banks, businesses had to close, movements were restricted, schools’ academic calendar disrupted, means of income somewhat placed on hold and we couldn’t but think if this was the 2020 we envisioned. Alas!, we all went home to stay with our family and to stay “safe”.

At first, you probably thought, “maybe in the next few weeks, life would return to normal”. Yes, I also had that thought but as life would have it, days turned to weeks, weeks to a month. We became bored and tired of doing the same routine; sleep-wake up – eat- read /see a movie -sleep again. Our eyes became heavy and swollen from continuous sleeping. For many of us who don’t like exercises, we started becoming rounder day in day out. We became less concerned about having a beach or summer body. We just want to return to normalcy.

We missed the social interactions with people, the teddy bear hugs we give to our friends, the handshakes after finalizing a business deal and many more. Soon, we got adjusted to the flow of things, we realized there were many things we could do while we were and are still on lockdown.

Here are some of them in summary

1. Family bond became stronger and exciting.

2. We also had fun bonding with our long time as well as new friends virtually. Thanks to technology and different social media platforms, we were able to call and text them often.

3. Some of us got certified at the completion of an online course(s)

4. Many became more knowledgeable by reading great books from exceptional authors

5. Our creative abilities were put to play. Quite a number of people found their passion for music, dancing, writing, acting, and other diverse creativity levels

6. Those who had planned their marriage didn’t allow the lockdown to stop them. They got married and invited friends to join them in celebrating from the comfort of their homes through live videos

7. Many free webinar and online social networking took place. Few are still holding

8. Not forgetting the different social media trends and challenges that kept us busy and freed us from boredom.

9. Some of us had the chance to watch all those movies we’ve been postponing

10. Many persons had the chance of exploring new food recipes amongst other things.

Though we never prayed for a lockdown, maybe it’s just something we have to pass through for us to do some self re-evaluation. I know we can’t wait for a permanent cure to be found so as to share with friends and the world the experience we learnt during the pandemic lockdown.

So if you’re yet to explore your creativeness, why don’t you start today?


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