#TBT: 14 Sweet And Funny Memories Of Growing Up In Nigeria

10. Closing the fridge door slowly to see when the lights went off.

dopl3r.com - Memes - 9y/o me closing the fridge door slowly to try ...

Las las we never found out when the light went off

11. Waving at white birds expecting your nails to be whiter – leke leke things

Top 10 White Birds In The World

And we got the white lines in our fingernails the following day

12. Driving a single car tyre with a stick and called it your car!

PNG FASHION PARADE | Postcards From Dangerous Places

Don’t look away, you did. Didn’t you?

13. Mixing garri and sugar inside nylon and eat while walking on the street

10 yummy dishes you can make out of garri-operanewsapp

Our local cornflakes

14. Playing mama and papa i.e. cooking grass and sand without fire.

Three Cute African kids sitting outside their home by Micky ...

Which role did you usually play, papa, mama or child?

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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