#TBT: 14 Sweet And Funny Memories Of Growing Up In Nigeria

5. Throwing your milk tooth on the roof with 7 or 9 small stones to grow new ones.

Cash for Teeth: The Legend of the Tooth Fairy | HowStuffWorks

Thank God lizards never ate those teeth

6. Acting in an uncompleted building or under the bed with friends.

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We’ve always had natural acting skills

7. Flying a kite –made from paper paper and broom

Flying a Kite Experience - Totally Barbados

How many of your book middle sheet did you tear?

8. Using your two legs to build houses with sand.

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9. Writing your name on a strip of paper and inserting it into your pen so that no one will steal it.

Mercy Charles on Twitter: "#SecSchoolInNigeria wen you write your ...

I even wrote prayer points for anyone who tried to steal it


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