#TBT: 14 Sweet And Funny Memories Of Growing Up In Nigeria

pen with a paper name
pen with a paper name

It wouldn’t feel right not to smile whenever we remember how we spent our childhood. The things we did that made little or no sense yet we cherished them. If we hadn’t done those things, how do we tell our kids in future of our own childhood days?…

Read below and see if you didn’t do some of these things

1. Killing earthworm with salt.

Why Salt kills earthworms?

The way the worm danced like snake before dying… Ahhh, pure fun!

2. Playing rubber band game.

Kuya Rick's G1:27 Tutoring TEAM: Shooting Rubber Bands in the Street

I don’t know about you but I usually don’t win

3.  Bathing in the rain.

Rain Makes You Sick | The Generics Pharmacy

The water was always so cool

4. Sleeping on the couch or on the floor and wake up on the bed.

Deniz Andres on Twitter: "Just noticed that this 50 cent meme I've ...

That was real magic

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