No Office Life: Meet Jesse KYNG— The Musically Gifted Graduate Chasing His Passion

Photograph of Jesse Leslie Commodore; Jesse KYNG

Did you ever wonder what happened to that one kid in your class who was really good at French or at Music? Well, the music kid is right here. Meet Jesse Leslie Commodore, or as he goes by professionally, Jesse KYNG. Jesse has always been a smart student; good grades and everything. But when it came to music … when it came to music, Jesse was exceptional.

Right now, he plays pretty much any instrument that you can throw at him. The guitar? The bass? Yeah, he knows his way around all of those strings. Drums? Yes to that too. Jesse played the drums for his entire church when he was just 6. You get the picture—musically gifted. So, what happens when you take someone with gifts like this and put him in a society where the “office job” is everything?

Adisco, And The Live Hip Hop Band

Jesse studied Business Admin at the University of Legon. However, before that, he went to Adisadel College, a boys’ senior secondary school … in some part of the country. Jesse has always been aware of his affinity for music. So in high school, he was a part of the Jazz Band, the school’s Regimental Band and the school choir which he led at a point. Oh, and he still topped Music in class.

Even with all that though, there was one key thing left that was needed to start Jesse KYNG’s journey to becoming the sound engineer and producer that he is currently. That key was Cris Shaker.

Adisco boys being Adisco boys—they had laptops in school. And Cris Shaker used to make beats on his. Cris approached Jesse because of the hip hop band. Jesse and his friends started a hip hop band in high school. They would play live sets while some of the school’s rappers did what is academically referred to as “spoil there.”

Anyway, Shaker knew that Jesse was good with a keyboard, and he wanted some keys for a beat that he was working on. That would be Jesse’s first experience with the beat making process. The first beat that Jesse made on his own was a remake of Sarkodie’s Original.

The Admin Student

Jesse did not want to go to the university. He’s smart so he was expected to. But he’s always known what he wanted to do. After studying music production from Cris Shaker, from YouTube, from online courses and from producers that he met incidentally, Jesse didn’t want to go to Legon. He wanted instead, to find a school where he could study music production and sound engineering. There are few of those here.

His mother convinced him to start Legon, while they worked on applications for the course that he preferred abroad. While in school Jesse KYNG still worked on his craft; applying music theory to production as he learnt it—growing.

When he graduated from Legon in 2018, there was no convincing Jesse to do anything other than music. His mom tried. However, she came to understand that he had found his calling. So, she invested in his studio; getting him the equipment that he needed, and getting him properly set up.

The Producer/Sound Engineer: Jesse KYNG

Photograph of Jesse Leslie Commodore; Jesse KYNG

While Jesse works on finishing up his own studio, he also works out of a studio at Tema. There, he’s a producer for a label. And although, the COVID-19 virus interrupted a lot of work, according to Jesse, “Every Time, Man For Make Money,” and you can’t disagree with that. Jesse’s still producing and still engineering.

He also formed a partnership with some of his mates from school; Koul Ef and Ugly $tanly, both incredible rappers. They’re Jesse’s artistes now, and he executive produces the music that they put out.

Jesse’s Instagram is one of the ways that he’s able to get access to new clients. On his page, you’ll find studio sessions of him putting musical pieces together, as well as some of the records that he has produced and engineered. Check him out @Jesse_Kyng.

Jesse KYNG is a graduate. He’s also musically gifted, and he’s chasing his passion.

I Just Wanna Do Music.

-Jesse Leslie Commodore


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