Doomsday Reactions After The Earth Tremor Yesterday

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If you missed the earth tremor that happened late last night then we can confidently tell you that you can easily miss the end of the world.

Imagine after the tremor there was a trumpet and God said: “If you hear this raise your hand” and immediately, every hand raised went to heaven…you slack that.

The tremor was felt in Kasoa and Accra and if you were awake and on social media, you know that the comments were endless.

Naturally, people got scared and for good reason because…

Suddenly, everyone’s remembering God and heaven and even though some were serious, others found it a perfect time to fuel the fear that was lurking.

Everybody was repenting! The Lord will be pleased…

But honestly, some repent posts were funny af!

Apparently, this is God right now:

Once the fear wore off, the doomsday jokes became funnier and funnier

But while we all laugh, let’s just say lowkey, we just want to say…”God, we beg. Not now please” because some people need to fulfill some last wishes!

We know you are laughing at all these posts but…how did you really feel when you felt the earth move three times???

Unless you’re not in Accra or Kasoa then you don’t have to answer that.


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