Details About Accra’s Magnitude 4.0 Earth Tremor

Accra Tremor

On Wednesday June 24, Kasoa and parts of Accra experienced a series of earth tremors.

The four back to back earth tremors reminded most residents of the affected areas of the danger that looms beneath their feet.

Though little is known about the series of tremors experienced on Wednesday, a website called VolcanoDiscovery is shedding more light on the incident.

At its most serious level, it was a Light magnitude 4.0 earthquake.

The epicenter was located at 6 km northwest of Gbawe, a community located in Accra, Ghana, according to Volcano Discovery.

In addition, this website has grown a lot with a large section about volcanoes, volcano news, volcano photos and recently, reporting on earthquakes all over the world.


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