5 Animals Ghanaians Associate To Witchcraft

Ghanaians are very spiritual people who believe in forces of both good and evil. They will serve whatever God they want to serve and believe that witches and wizards exist.

This belief is especially cemented with what they see in deliverance sessions in churches where apparently, the devil in people speak up to the pastor or priest and they confess to doing really bad things.

One of the things they believe in without a doubt is the fact that, animals are sometimes used as tools for their communication. It’s either the witches spy on you using the animals or the witches become the animals themselves.

It’s for this reason why most people don’t like certain animals around them. When they see them, they take it as a bad omen. When they see any of these animals in their sleep, they start to pray. You cannot just take any animal as your pet in a Ghanaian home… before you bring witchcraft.

Here are some animals Ghanaians associate with witchcraft.

1. Spiders — their webs

Image of a spider in its web. Source: spideridentifications.com

Spider webs are apparently communication tools for witches. Apart from them making your room look very unkempt and untidy, you don’t want witches spying on you and listening in on your conversations. You don’t tell anyone about your progress but it seems like every time something good is about to happen, it just fails. Maybe the spiderwebs in your room are the cause.

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