We Found The Perfect Meme For Some Dumb Things Men Say/Do

image via Twitter

Memes are like fashion trends…there’s always a time that something is hot. It will fade away but it will trend before leaving.

Ladies, there’s a new meme that’s flooding our TLs and it’s the perfect reaction to the thousand and one ridiculous things men do or say to you.

Half the time, even when you are smiling on the outside, you are definitely giving this perfect look of disgust to the person with the thought “Ah look at this one?” Or “What is this one saying?”

gif via Twitter

We found the best scenarios from Twitter!

When a man asks when you are going to cook for them, 5 days after texting you

When some random person approaches you and swears the Lord showed him your face in a prophetic dream

When men think they’re the ultimate slick machines with this weak pickup line: “You’re too pretty to be single”

When you’re in public and a man touches your waist when walking past instead of just saying “excuse me”

When a guy you just started talking to asks when he’s seeing you after three texts

When an old mate from school who barely knew you in school tries to ron you with “I used to have a crush on you” because you’re peng now.

When an older man or someone you just met tries to hug you

Source: Kuulpeeps

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