Top 5 Songs From Sena Huks That Will Make You Feel ‘Things’

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We appreciate good music and sometimes we just need to let y’all know that there are songs that are not your usual good beat and three lines type of song.

Sena Huks is a Ghanaian artiste who also doubles as a Geologist. He’s got an incredible voice…the kind that makes girls get weak knees and makes people say “Ei”.

The singer does not release new music as often as we’d like. He’s got a habit of keeping fans waiting in anticipation for new music every time and currently has just one body of work out.

Today actually marks a year since he gave us that rare 14 track album titled When It’s Day. He’s one of the most talented singers we know and just because he makes the best love songs and heartbreak songs, these are my top 5 picks of his songs.

Send Me Your Love

This is one of my personal favourites from Sena Huks. Maybe it’s because of the interpolation of Kojo Antwi’s Dadi Anoma or the fact that the song sounds like it has some highlife fusion to it but, Send Me Your Love is definitely in my Top 2 Sena Huks songs’s not number 2.

No More

Remember what I said about Number 1s and 2s? Yeah, this song is definitely number 2. It’s one of the most perfectly done RnB songs I’ve heard from a Ghanaian artiste. If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought he wasn’t even Ghanaian. The production from Kayso is also too good not to mention and just a heads up, this is the kind of song you play in the background while you cry about letting someone you love go.


This is the kind of song you want to play for that person you’ve been dreaming about. Naturally, Sena Huks’ smooth vocals in putting down a message for that special someone is extremely pleasant as he sang about the things he’d like to do to the love of his life. If you aren’t adding this to your love playlist right now as you’re reading this…I really go shock.


Wednesday sounds exactly as you’d expect a heartbreak RnB song to sound like. His ability to put his emotions into his voice as he begs the love of his life to take him back is admirable. You can almost see him kneeling and sobbing in the rain begging his baby to come back to him and give him a second chance. Too bad the original video does not look exactly like that!

Oh Girl Oh

For those who have a wedding playlist (Don’t deny it…some of you have that) this song is perfect for it. It is a typical love happy song where Sena Huks sings about being in love. All the juice is towards the end of the song but I’d leave you to find that out yourself.

Get the full album which has all these songs and more on Aftown, Apple Music, and Deezer or just check our his website,


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