Things People Expect From Ghanaian Women Once They’re Married

5. Tone down your ambitions

This is so problematic as many capable women who have so much potential are in shackles because of this opinion of society. It really isn’t fair as the men are pushed to be the best versions of themselves especially career wise but women are told to “tone it down”. Women are told to relax and care for their homes and focus on their husbands and kids because they’re supposed to be their pride and joy. Why can’t we have both? Why can’t we fight for what we want and aim for the stars as well? Some women are forced to even lie about how much they earn because they’re told that it isn’t right for them to earn more than their husbands and they actually feel bad about their achievements.

Once again, it’s wrong to expect all these things from society but society includes all of us. If we manage to educate our parents and family members and try to stand up for the women who are always being shamed this way, we will be moving forward. We need to be better; we need to be better people and better partners in a sense that, we push one another up no matter what.

As a guy, your ego shouldn’t be so fragile that, your partner being paid more than you should affect your relationship. You should be happy that she can provide more support and you should even be proud of her.

We women too should stand up for ourselves and for one another because in most of these situations, you find that it is usually women tearing down each other which isn’t right because we really are all we’ve got.


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