Things People Expect From Ghanaian Women Once They’re Married

As single ladies, we’ve seen it happen to others and we sort of expect it to happen to us.

For some reason, when you get married, a large number of people expect you to change who you are because of the title “Mrs”.

It’s totally even wrong that we have gotten to the point where we expect these things but it is what it is especially because we are Africans and for that matter, Ghanaians. We only hope our generation can change things.

Here are some of the odd things people expect from married women in Ghana.

1. Children

Growing up you hear that kids are blessings/gifts from God but the same people who say this forget that gifts are given out of free will and you cannot force God to give you kids. He will do so at his own pace. Riiiggghhtt after marriage, people start asking about when they’ll see your child and asking what you’re waiting for. The odd thing is the fact that they always assume it’s the woman’s fault when they see no baby. They pass derogatory remarks at the woman when it’s been years without a baby and will forget that the woman is married to a man and if they’re sharing insults, they need to add him too. People don’t care about what you’re battling with. The miscarriages you’ve had, the stillbirths you’ve had to endure or even the fact that it’s just downright hard for you to have a child. They don’t care if your husband has low sperm count or is having other kinds of troubles in the bedroom. All they know is that it’s your fault and they’ll go ahead to discredit everything you’ve achieved just because of a child.

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