ATU: SRC PRO Reassures Final Year Students That There Is No Cause For Alarm


Yesterday, news broke that the first COVID 19 case had been reported on the Accra Technical University campus.

The patient is said to be a National Service staff of the institution. This comes after final year students were asked to report to campus for their end of semester exams.

The outbreak seems to have caused some amount of panic and fear amongst final year students on campus who are now wondering what this situation will mean for them.

Speaking to the SRC PRO, she assured us that there was no reason for final year students to be agitated because things were under control.

She advised that all students on campus carry out religiously all safety protocols that have been put in place to ensure the virus doesnt spread.

She appealed to students to wear their mask everywhere on campus, practice social distancing and wash their hands regularly or sanitize them in the case where there was no water or soap.


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