5 Things We Wish We Could Change When Watching A Movie On TV

father and son watching tv photo via gettyimages.com
father and son watching tv photo via gettyimages.com

In as much as we are grateful for the entertainment shows, movies, news, music and lot more we enjoy on TV, we can’t help but notice few things we one day hope will change when watching movies on any television station. It’s a lot like we can’t download these movies online on our systems and phone but when we look at our remaining data balance, Chai!, we just have to be humble and watch whatever movie is being shown just to kill boredom. Right?

Personally, what pains me most is that there is no forward or backward button on those TV remotes which makes it more difficult.

See below what we hope to correct on movies shown on TV someday

1. When 50% of the movie is just songs and adverts

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Seriously?. Let us just know its music and not movie

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