10 Ghanaian Artists Who Were One Hit Wonders

The music scene is a really tricky one as you can try all you can just to blow and still, no one will hear about you. You’ll spend all your money in the studio, trying to create music videos, paying people to promote your song and even selling some of your CDs, but still… Nothing.

One time you’ll just be doing your own thing and the right person will see it at the right time and share with others and that’s it! You blow that! Ghanaians will hail you for as long as they can until they move on from you and that’s the tricky part.

If you don’t manage to hold their attention for long and produce other songs and try to stay relevant, you’ll get lost again and you’ll have to start the whole process all over again. The music business is really brutal.

We managed to gather 10 Ghanaian Artists that we’ve not heard from after their major hit song died down. We are sure some are still doing music but they’re not really getting the attention they once got. For some of these people, it has been over 15 years. We really hope they manage to find their thing because their songs were actually jams! Check out the list here.

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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