What We Are Listening To This Week: Yung Pabi’s Guy No

image via cover art of Yung Pabi's Guy No

As much as I love alternative sounding music and I have realized that I usually prefer listening to soothing music these days, I found music that will definitely not be comfortable on my heavy rotation playlist.

Yung Pabi’s Guy No.

I kept seeing the song pop up on my Twitter timeline and even added it to my Apple music library but, I never got round to listening to it.

When I did eventually, this was me:

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Yung Pabi is definitely one of the young rappers doing amazing in the industry. He’s already carved a niche out for himself and I’d add him to my Top 5 performers any day, any time but, let’s talk about his recent single, Guy No.

If you need a song to boost your ego, it’s Guy No. The name of the song is already hyping you up and giving you fans charle!

It’s currently my “pick me up” song. Sometimes you doubt yourself and you need to feel yourself a little and that’s what Yung Pabi did. “Guy No” is basically a ‘fans giving’ song.

Yung Pabi’s flow was doing it for me! He’s always been a dope rapper with amazing flow and his wordplay was crazy. I may not have understood all of the Twi but the little I got was impressive. Very impressive! It might sound like he’s just playing around but…this is a playful sounding song with some heavy content.

He rapped about being good at what he does, constantly doing the impossible and basically being a champion.

A badass.

It’s easy to get hyped while listening to this song and of course, the Magnom and Paa Bright production complemented the song. The hiphop beat turning into an afrobeats jam was everything!!!!!

“Guy No” is going to be my feel good song for a very long time and after listening to it, it should be for you too!

Watching him perform this will be a delight!

Get the song on all streaming platforms here: Guy No by Yung Pabi and listen to it here:

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source: kuulpeeps.com

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