Twitter Reactions To Kelvynboy’s Attack In Ashaiman Yesterday

Kelvynboy image via Twitter

Everyone knows about Kelvynboy and Stonebwoy’s falling out. It made the news and then died a silent death after everyone moved on but, it looks like it may or may have not been revived.

Yesterday, during the launch of the new Electroland Ghana Limited shop in Ashaiman, Kelvynboy who was a special guest at the launch got assaulted by a bunch of people.

Some have alleged that one of the men is Stonebwoy’s former bodyguard.

Kelvynboy, in a series of deleted tweets basically hinted at knowing exactly who was the brain behind the thugs who attempted to beat him up.

deleted screenshots of Kelvynboy after the assault

Naturally, Twitter reacted to the whole thing. Some found it funny and teased Kelvynboy.

Others were shocked he was more concerned about social distancing than the incoming “beatings”.

But, the loudest group of all were people who felt that thinking Stonebwoy was behind the attack was just ridiculous. Maybe it was just some Ashaiman boys who wanted to beat the hell out of him for their own reasons.

Skeptic people thing this might be a publicity stunt for new music

And then, there were the jokes!

In Kelvynboy’s defense, he never really mentioned Stonebwoy but hey, what do we know? Fans can be crazy sometimes and it’s unfortunate that celebs can’t feel safe anymore. Stonebwoy has, however, released an official statement saying he had nothing to do with the assault.

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