Kennedy Agyapong Responds To His Daughter’s Apology

Kennedy Agyapong, Ghanaian businessman and politician

Kennedy Agyapong has indicated that he is not ready to forgive his daughter, Anell, who apologised to him for her “waywardness”.

In a Facebook post on Father’s Day, Anell admitted that she has not been a good daughter and asked her father for forgiveness.

Prior to Anell’s apology, Kennedy Agypong revealed in a radio interview that his daughter had dropped out of school after he paid a huge amount of money for her tuition. He also revealed that his daughter is very brilliant, but has become a drug addict and a prostitute.

Kennedy Agyapong, however, is still not ready to forgive his daughter after she apologised.

In an interview on Atinka TV, he indicated that he is not ready to forgive her, adding that she has to learn from her mistakes.

He also stated that he is no longer going to pay Anell’s tuition fees and would rather use the money to pay and sleep with a prostitute who has AIDS.


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