How To Make Delicious Snacks With Gari In 7 Simple Steps

Kokoro photo via
Kokoro photo via

Are you a garri fan? Do you drink garri anytime you crave for it? Would you like to have a change in the taste?. Have you considered making snacks using garri?. Well, this post got you covered.

No doubt garri has saved many of us from hunger. Just with water and sugar which is quite not necessary, we can gulp it. But there’s another way to enjoy your garri in the form of snacks, I mean crunchy and delicious snacks. All you need to do is follow these simple steps below.

Ingredients for garri snacks

Garri (cassava flakes)



Pinch of Salt


1 tablespoon of dry cayenne pepper

Butter (optional)

½ bottle of Groundnut oil.


1. Put a little amount of garri in a bowl, add milk, pepper and sugar (do not add excess sugar if you don’t like sugary snacks). Mix it well

2. Add water to the mixture, preferably warm or slightly hot water. Then mix with a spatula if it’s  hot in your hands till it forms into a dough (or Eba)

3. Break and whisk 2 eggs depending on how fluffy you want it to be. Pour the whisked egg into the already mixed dough. Stir again to make the dough blend with the whisked eggs.

4. Roll your dough into any shapes. Ensure to add drops of oil on your palm to avoid it from sticking to your palms.

5. Place your frying pan on fire, pour the groundnut oil in the pan and allow to be hot.

6. Fry the rolled dough till they are light brown.

7. Enjoy with any fruit juice or cold drink.


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