Ama K Abebresse Starts Online Petition For Free Medical Screening Of Rape Victims

Ama K Abebresse

In the past couple of weeks, rape has become a topical issue among young people on social media.

Some have even publically named people who have allegedly raped them.

Now the award winning Ghanaian actress, Ama K Abebresse has taken on a fight in an effort to end rape.

Ama is fighting for free medical screening for rape victims.

According to her, rape victims are required to pay between GHS 300 and GHS 800 for a medical exam.

The medical exam is essential for the victim, who even has the mental strength to pursue justice after a rape incident.

Ama wants these fees to be abolished as part of the fight to end rape and put rapists behind bars.

“Nobody should have to go through the traumatic experience of the crime of rape and or sexual assault in the first place and the medical examination fees is a stumbling block in the pursuit of justice for victims, their families and supporters,” Ama wrote.

This is because the fees can prevent victims who do not have such amount of money from pursuing justice.

Ama has launched an online petition to gain the attention of President Akufo Addo to put abolish the fees.

You can help Ama by signing her petition here.


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