6 Popular Songs Kelvynboy Added Extra Spice To With His Voice

Kelvynboy image via Odartey GH

It’s almost like people don’t know that Kelvynboy is one of the best vocalists in Ghana or maybe y’all forget but the guy can SING and he makes really good music. Very very good music!

He’s got potential to becoming a huge artiste beyond GH’s borders and listen, if you are making any song and you need someone to make it all sound better, hit Kelvynboy up.

These are some popular songs we all know, that Kelvynboy actually killed the hook/chorus. On some of these songs, he outshone the main artists on their own song!

Be the judge! Take a look:

Strongman – Pilolo ft Kelvynboy

The best part of this song was that beautifully done chorus! “See my love eno be pilolo, You for never take it play play yh”

Manifest – We no dey hear ft KelvynBoy & Kel-P

Yes, he said pilolo again here but please, Kelvynboy had that catchy hook that has you singing this song in the most random places!

Tulenkey – Ghetto Boy ft Kelvynboy and Medikal

Between Tulenkey and Kelvynboy, we don’t know which was better…the hook or the chorus. Wait, actually, it was the mysterious singer at the end who stole the show but, Kelvynboy definitely added some sweetness to this song! The second his voice comes in…just pure sweetness.

TiC – Goro ft Kelvynboy

The song gets kind of bad at some point but Kelvynboy’s hook was actually the only part of this song we could keep listening to.

OV – Zaddy ft Kelvynboy

You cannot say Kelvynboy did not do his thing on this sexy song. It’s unfortunate that just when his verse was getting even better, it ended but, we still love him on this.

Freda Rhymz – I Dey Go ft Kelvynboy

I never liked this song but I thoroughly enjoyed Kelvynboy’s chorus. He saved the song and that’s the only part of the song that’s actually good.

source: kuulpeeps.com

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