5 Reasons Why Cutting Your Hair Is A Good Idea

Most people play with the idea of cutting their hair because of all the freedom it comes with and we can’t fault them at all for it. Having hair is really stressful. Permed hair is expensive to manage and natural hair is downright difficult at times. Sometimes, the big chop is the way to go.

Here are 5 reasons why we think cutting your hair is a good idea and if you were looking for a sign, this is probably it.

1. No wasting of time

Living The Cut Life 🔪
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Let’s be honest. Hands up if you’ve tried a certain hairstyle that you thought was going to look bomb, only for you to finish and it looks disastrous? Now you have to look for a scarf to tie your hair just so you can salvage the situation and in the process, makes you late for work or whatever meeting you have? My hand is up cuz this is my story every single day.

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