11 Popular Brand Names You’re Confidently Saying Wrong

image via Kuulpeeps.com//Photo credit: Moet & Chandon

We are all very familiar with some brands and some of us like to flex and rattle off the names because, we like to flex that we know things but, let me shock you… you probably don’t know what you are talking about at all!!!

We went digging for some common brand names and realized that the way you have been pronouncing some of the brands is all wrong!!!


The Adidas Brand: Climbing Up Or Decelerating?
image via Forbes//Photo credit: AP Photo/Matthias Schrader

How you’re probably saying it: Ah-Di-Dahs

How a woke person is saying it: ah-DEE-dus

How you should be saying it: AH-dee-dahs

the trick is in the word you stress on. We put it in caps…


Nutella under fire over Turkish child labor claims - Insider
 photo credit:. Flickr, secretpizzas

How you’re probably saying it: Na-tella

How you should be saying it: New-tella


Huawei aiming to be biggest smartphone brand by 2020 | ZDNet
image via ZDnet

How you’re probably saying it: hu-ah-wei

How you should be saying it: wah-way


Prices of Moet Champagne in Nigeria | Naija Wine Lovers
image via Naija wine lovers

How your all knowing friends are probably saying it: Moh-way

How you should be saying it: Mo-wett

Click ‘NEXT’ or the numbers below for how to pronounce Nike and more…it’s not what you know!


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