Kirani Ayat And Free The Youth Team Up For An Impactful Music Project

image via Instagram//photo credit: @Kofmotivation

Music and Fashion go hand in hand.

Sometimes artistes influence fashion to become a major trend and other times fashion and music fuse to define culture.

image via The Haske Group and Free The Youth

In Ghana, music and fashion have influenced each other so many times especially with streetwear so it really comes at no shock that Kirani Ayat, one of GH’s trap music pioneers has partnered with Free The Youth, a Ghanaian based streetwear fashion brand that is unapologetically for the youth, to work on a music project. They are both known for championing youth empowerment and thought it prudent to team up to push the Ghanaian youth culture to a global audience.

The project titled I Know was announced by Kirani Ayat and his team today and is scheduled to be released on the 26th of June.

we’ve created the soundtrack for the Ghanaian youth culture”

I Know cover art//image via The Haske Group and Free The Youth

Kirani Ayat and Free The Youth have described “I Know” [roduced by Kayso as “a progressive audio statement for the development of youth culture in Africa” and we know we can’t wait to hear what they’ve got in store.

The announcement came with “10 Youth commandments” which are meant to guide the youth in pursuing their dreams, each commandment very vital and necessary and honestly deserves to be upheld by every young person.

image via The Haske Group and Free The Youth

In a country where the fashion and music culture amongst young people is very diverse, we are eager to see what the two artists, one in music and the other in fashion have in store for us with, I Know.

If you are curious and can’t wait, pre-save the link to I Know which drops on 26th June here: I Know by Kirani Ayat

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